Website Without Internet

website without internet

Open the Internet without any favorite Website:

If you are students, then it is very often that to stay connected to any academic website, we often go to a cyber cafe and take the printout of a particular subject but think it would have been good to it but the reason is that you do not have an internet connection with a good speed and a lot of time in money rabad is but what you know

You can also access your favorite website without internet and that website is associated with your college notes or any other information, you can easily download the entire website from all the complete articles and later on your computer or laptop. You can read more But for that, you must have your own laptop or computer device and you have to connect to the internet once.

Website without internet step by step

1.First of all, go to the website and after that, there is a small software ‘surf offline’, which will be hardly 3 MB, download it and install it on your computer.

2.It is a paid software but still comes with a 30-day trial.

3.After that, when you run it the first time, a wizard will open in which you have some information related to the website you want to download, such as to its web address and click on download button.

4.Keep in mind if you have a slow internet or slow motion internet, then uncheck things like images, videos as it will take a very long time.

5.Slow Internet like if you use internet through dongle or data card, then it is better to open the same website again and again, once you download it.

6.If you have a wifi or high-speed internet facility in your college, you can download the images or videos, and afterward, they are easily accessible without any internet access.

7.If you want to see the website you downloaded from another computer, then you have the website you downloaded for which you must have paid version.


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