Use of F1 to F12 Function keys

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Use of F1 to F12 Function keys

While working on a computer, the keyboard saves you a lot of time, in which many shorter shortcuts make our work easier. Keynote has similar shortcuts, from F1 to F12 which makes our work very easy. But most people do not even know how to use each of these function keys. We will tell you today that the actual use of these F1 to F12 function keys given on this keyboard, after which you will be able to speed up the computer work before and even more.

F1 – Almost every program is working to open the help screen.

F3 – F3 Key is used to open a search feature in an application.

F4 – Press Alt + F4 Key to close any window.

F5 – Press F5 Key to refresh a window or page.

F6 – Press F6 Key to move the address bar cursor to the Internet browser.

F7 – Press F7 Key to use the “spell check and grammar check” feature in MS Word.

F8 – Press F8 Key to go to the boot menu at the time of computer operation.

F9 – To refresh the document in MS Word and press F9 Key for the email “Send and Receives” opsonin Microsoft Outlook.

F10 – Press F10 key to open the menu bar in an application, as well as the right click of the mouse.

F11 – The F11 key is used to make and remove an inner-browser browser on full-screen mode.

F12 – Save As … in MS Word Press F12 Key to open the dialog box.


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