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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has told about the help that his son received from technology with Cerebral palsy in his book Hit Refresh. Now for ordinary people with special apps needs, there is access to technology that can make life easier. Amit Mishra is embarking on such a variety of techniques:

Lechal Footwear

The feature of a gadget easy technique.This soul remains connected to the mobile and keeps the information of the location with the help of GPS sending it from time to time through vibration. Their price is around 6 thousand rupees.

The Eye Stick

Through this, any visually impaired person can cross the road comfortably through ultrasound waves. this special stick, a camera is placed downward which recognizes the lights of traffic and transmits signal users through vibration.

Navigation Bracelet

This special apps bracelet works on very handy technology. Waves coming out of the bracelet come back by colliding with any object near nearby and the proximity sensor tells the distance of that object. Vibrate the bracelet according to the distance and shows the way to the user.

Microsoft AI glasses

Although it seems to be a bit more futuristic, Microsoft has created a spectrum that not only tells about the front object but also can read and hear the text when needed.

Braille E-Book Reader

For those who read this dream is true. After downloading any book in it, the content of the Braille pattern on the special screen emerges. this price is approximately 50 thousand rupees, so usually


This gadget is fun enough for riddles enthusiast. Every color has been raised through a special apps mark. The cube can be set by touching hands.

Finger Reader

It has been designed keeping in mind the ease of reading. It is a small device on the finger. The line on which the finger will place the finger on the book or kindle, the machine will read it and read it.

Eone Bradley

This watch is very special apps. There is a dial of the shape of the bearing. Only time can be detected by touching it.

Windows Narrator

It is inbuilt in Windows and special apps about every command spoken by The option of the Windows Narrator was available in English till now but now it is also available in Hindi.

Use the Windows Narrator to use

The narrator not only reads the text on the screen but also reads the notifications. This is a big work feature for people with visual impairments and very weak eyes. There are several ways to turn it on:
1. Press Windows + Enter or
2. Press the Narrator link appearing in the Ease of Access Center
3. Click the link next to the narrator in the Courtney Search box
4. Tap the screen with 4 fingers on the screen with three touchscreen three times. The narrator tool appears on the screen as a small box. It can also read mater of text and websites in most software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.).

There are a number of keyboard commands in the narrator, which can be used to access the visually impaired fast links. Not only this, visually impaired people can listen to any page fast or gradually complete by increasing the pronunciation speed in a desired manner and stop at the right place.
To know the details of all the narrator’s commands: Caps Lock + F1

Yoon Customize the Mouse

Those who have weak eyesight may find it difficult to see the mouse cursor or understand its speed. Such people can go to Windows + U> Mouse and increase the size of the mouse cursor according to their need or change its thickness so that it is easily visible. Those who have trouble finding the changing location of the mouse, they can activate the ‘Mouse Trail’ feature.

It looks like a tail-pointing point towards the speed of the mouse and it becomes easy to focus on its pointer. To activate it, go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sounds> Devices and Printers> Mouse> Pointer Options and select Display Pointer Trails.


Be My Eyes

This special app is made up of a kind of community. Through this, any visually impaired can call for the help of Volunteer through video call whenever. you can not see the expiry date of a product, the video call can be asked by the volunteer.

Seeing AI

Through this Microsoft app, any visually impaired person can complete various types of tasks. Its features include: reading out the documents, reading the information, scanning the barcode of the product, giving information, currency identification, identification of the human being etc. This app is currently only available on iOS.

Zoomer/magnifier app

With the help of a zoom or magnifier in the computer, the size of a picture or text can be increased. These are both pad and free. Many get free on the internet.

Projector magnifiers

It magnifies the size of the magnifier projector or slide on the laptop. It is mostly used in the special schools of the blinds. By the way, houses can also use it. In front of the laptop, you can read the screen with the help of the screen on the wall of the house.

Those who can not see at all should not be disappointed. Nowadays, there are several types of techniques for them:

Refreshable braille

It is an electronic device that runs on the computer, words written on that line emerge.
Price: up to 80 thousand to 2 lakh rupees.

screen reader

The screen reader can be considered as the best technology at the moment. Those who can not see at all or who are looking a bit, both can read and write on the computer with the help of a screen reader. Whenever a cursor goes to any part of the screen, the computer sends the word written there. Work can be done by sending the email from the screen reader to software downloads. Although it does not work on graphics software such as Photoshop, Coral

Braille Ball & Cards

Braille Playing Cards and Cricket Balls are good tools for entertainment. If the cards are in Braille script, the sound comes from the ball so that there is a convenience in playing.
Price: Rs 20
They have to fire up from Android to iOS


1. Magnificent gestures:

Weak sighters should use magnifying gestures on mobile. This feature will also be available in Accessibility. After you turn it on, you have to tap the screen three times to use it. This makes the entire screen, even the video zoomed. Tapping the screen again three times, it comes in real condition.

2. Large text

This feature will also be available in Accessibility by going to Settings. People who have trouble viewing small letters, they can use Large Text. If you want to make the text bigger, go to Display in Settings and choose Large Font.


1. Zoom

Zoom feature in Apple iPhone shows small things bigger. In Magnifier where Android zooms the whole screen, the same part zooms in the iPhone where you have placed a finger. This makes it easy to see short words or pictures.

2. Magnifier

The iPhone is completely different.the help of the camera, anything can be seen magnified. This feature will be available in Accessibility.

3. Large text

The iPhone mainly uses thin and small fonts. In this case, the option of Large Text in Accessibility is extremely beneficial for the weak eyes.

If there is a wall chair then smart gadgets will help
Smart gadgets for such people are of considerable work. A complete range of them is present in the market, through which the work of the house can be easily settled.

Amazon Echo

This is a kind of Voice Assistance device. It can be given the command by speaking. For example, from the special kind of house lights to music, it can be controlled only by voice.

Smart Doorbell:

Watching out at the door with Bell on the door looks great enough for some people. This special Dorbell shows the face of a person standing at the door on the mobile screen and also gives the option of answering.

Eyegaze Edge

This technique, which has been invented by scientists Stephen Hawking, who has opened the secret of the universe from the years sitting in the wheelchair, has now been brought to the public. It has the option of typing on the computer with the eyes of the eye and speaking the same thing through the speaker. This gadget is of great use for people whose under part of the neck does not work.

HeadMouse Nano

This is a technology similar to the iGames. The head which is the eye of the eye, the head carries the mouse. The human head works like a mouse and typing on the gestures of the head and the rest of the computer command can also be given.

Tobii Eye Tracker

Greg is a very expensive product while the Toby Eye Tracker is quite cheap. Toby was invented for gaming but it can be used to control the screen with the help of the Windows software. Help can be obtained from Microsoft’s Accessibility answer desk. Its price is about 12 thousand rupees.

Robo home Cleaner

Because people who move to a wheelchair can not clean the house, it is useful to clean the robot in corner-corners. Just charge it and leave it on the floor. Understand that the work is done. Their price goes up to 5 to 40 thousand rupees according to the function.

Those who have brain disorders

OneNote Learning

For children who have trouble with dyslexia, it is a very good tool for reading and learning. Through this, children with special needs can learn to read and write comfortably. Although it is being used to teach in schools across the world, can go to www.onenote.com/learningtools and try it for children at home too.
Some features related to keyboard on Windows

Sticky Keys

You know that in Windows, shortcut commands can be given by pressing some common keys with Control, Shift or Alt keys, like copying the selected text from Control + C. It is important for these keys to be pressed simultaneously with the speed of speed, but it is difficult for many elderly people and the people to do this. Sticky Keys eliminates your problem.After pressing control, shift and Alt key on using them, the command works normally even after the second key is pressed after a long time. To turn it on, select the Sticky Keys by going to Windows + U-> Keyboard.

Toggle keys

On activating this feature, a tone is heard when the control, shift or Alt key is pressed. To activate it, go to the Windows + U> Keyboard and select Toggle Keys.

Filter Keys

Those whose fingers are trembling are prone to pressing multiple times on a single key while typing them. On activating the filter, the computer will type any letter only once, not repeatedly. To turn it on, select the Filter Keys by going to Windows + U> Keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts

Open your computer’s Alt keys for a few seconds by opening any Office app. letters will be highlighted in Office Ribbon menu. Keyboard shortcuts that you can work without using a mouse while using Alt key.

On-screen keyboard

People whose fingers are shaking can use on-screen keyboard in the windows.a keyboard that emerges on your screen, which can be used to type through the mouse.

Those who have difficulty in pressing the mouse button, they can do this in such a setting that keeping the mouse fixed on the mouse for some time and typing that letter.If you type here a letter, whole words are also suggested which are typed when clicked. Turn on the on-screen keyboard to:
1. Go to Control Panel / Settings and go to Ease of Access> Keyboard.
2. Now click Turn on OnScreen Keyboard.


Those who have trembly hands or have less control over the limbs, they have difficulty eating and drinking. Special spoons and forks have been designed for such people. They have been made such a special technique, even if the hand of the user is shaken, but the food items do not fall.


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