12 Search Engines Are More Secure And Private Google.

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Usually, whatever popular search engine we use, they track the search, so that they can show ads like this. If you want the search engine to store your history or not to search the content, then you can use the private search engine. There are many private search engines, which neither store nor track you the things you’ve searched for.

We have brought 12 search engines for you, who take care of both security and privacy. Maybe you do not like to see their interface, but if you want safety, you have to make a little more compromise. Look forward …

1. WolframAlpha

This is a computing search engine that finds exact answers. It also does not store the content you search for and does not track anything. private search engine calculates inbuilt algorithms and offers expert knowledge about people, health, fitness, music, and movies.

2. Gibiru

It is also completely uncensored but an encrypted search engine, which has no scope to leak any third party data.Runs faster many other private search engines uses Google Custom Search. it removes all tracking methods used by Google.

3. Startpage

The start page gives browsing option through a proxy server, so websites can not track your IP address or location. If you can add it to your browser then you can choose color themes too.

4. Privatelee

You can choose your search source and other things from Private Lee’s ‘PowerSearch’ commands. Its another name is Qrobe.it too.

5. Yippy

With this help, you can filter the result manually and flag any bad result. You can search the web, photos, news, blogs and government data on it. On this, you can see the cached page like Google.

6. Lukol

It uses a proxy server to show Google’s customized search results. considered to be one of the best private search engines. keeps away online frauds and spammers. Your searches are also hidden.

7. Hulbee

This search engine also provides intelligent information without tracking your search or location history. Your search is encrypted for security.

8. Gigablast

It has indexed billions of web pages and shows immediate results without tracking your online search. It is also included in Best Private Search Engines.

9. DuckDuckGo

This is one of the most secure search engines. It never tracks what you have searched for. It shows the Registry immediately without an app. There are 10 million searches in a day.

10. Oscobo

This search engine does not store any data, nor does it allow third-party access to users’ data.

11. Disconnect Search

Disconnect search actually helps search through large search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, don’ t track your online search or IP address. search by location.

12. MetaGer

This server also helps you in secret searches. It uses the proxy server and hides your IP from the destination server. Its default language is German.


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