Send From Whatsapp To 1GB Files


Sending images, audio and video from Send From Whatsapp are quite easy, but there is a problem sending heavy files. To deal with this problem, four youngsters of Kerala, Yathindra, Tianjin, Akhil, and Rohit have created File Sharing App Watches (Whois tools), which allows any movie, song, PDF or other files to be shared up to 1 GB. The 8.5 MB app is currently on Google Play, for which the phone must have an Android 4.1 or above version.

Send From Whatsapp Setup:

When the app is installed, the setup wizard appears, which will open the accessibility service after the follow-up, where permission for file sharing from Wattles will be obtained. After that, the app will be connected to Google Drive and easily share files. This app uses Google Drive as a cloud.

Share this file :

After the buttons are activated, the new app options start appearing after clicking on the attachments menu of the Vatsapp. This can be sent by attaching the file. In this case, the receiver will have a link, which will start downloading the file after clicking on it.

Fantastic features :

With the help of Watts, any format (e-book, MP3, MP3, MP, PDF, JPG, GIF) file can be easily sent. One Touch feature can be viewed before downloading the file in Whatsapp. Also, the app’s pauses and resume feature can also prevent downloading of data connections or for some other reason. At the same time, it can resume at any time.

Check option :

There is also an option to check the video by playing the video before downloading it in Wattles. It also helps in saving data. With the help of What sets, the file can also be sent to the iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. If there are no download files in the file downloader then the link to the file will open in the browser, from where the file can be downloaded.

An app is safe:

There is also an inbuilt video player in the Watts Plus app, which does not require the second app to run files such as MP3, MP3, and GIF. The Whatsapp app also supports all instant messaging apps installed on the phone along with Whatsapp. This app keeps the phone safe from viruses or corrupt files too. If someone sends you a corrupt file, the receiver in the Watts does not download the file.


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