Phone Will Be Stolen, The Data Will Not Be Stolen

phone stolen

If you have taken a new Android phone stolen and have it set up with your Google Account. If you’ve downloaded apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, then understand that your data is in danger. We often take negligence to handle our phones.

First of all, you have to lock the screen to save store information on your phone. For this, go to Settings, scroll and tap the security. And now fix a screen lock so that no one can tamper with save data on your phone. You can keep your phone safe by using pattern lock, pin lock, password or fingerprint lock.

Use the Android’s encrypt feature for the safety of your digital data. This option will usually be found in Settings> Security on the phone, but some smartphones can be found in Settings> Privacy. By encrypting your device, you can save your account’s apps, music, photos, and other data. It will happen that if your phone goes into the wrong hands, then your digital data will be safe behind the PIN, password and pattern lock.

If you have not already activated the Android Device Manager on your phone. You can find this option in Settings> Security or in some phones> Settings> Privacy. After activating the Android device manager, check out your Android account device manager by signing in to check that it is working in this manner?

This online dashboard will display on the location map of your handset. After this, you will see the option so that you can activate the ring if you want. With this, the bell will sound like your phone is nearby and you will find it.

you can still change your password and lock the screen. Along with this, you can erase all the data so that no one can take advantage of it.

Despite all the settings of Android Device Manager, even if you lost a SIM of your lost phone, or have switched off you will not be able to erase your data. For this, you have to use Cerberus anti-theft. This is a paid app. You will have to pay 500 rupees annually for this.

You can also hide this app if you wish. None of this app can extract data from your phone Even after the sim card changes, this app sends an SMS to your Alternate Number with the location of your device. This will let you know the location of your phone.


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