How To Keep Your Laptop & Computer Cool in Summer

Laptop & Computer Cool in Summer

Laptop & Computer Cool in Summer


Use good quality cooling pads while running a laptop.

Never use a laptop in the sun, always choose a shady spot. Due to sunlight, the laptop is quickly heated.

Protect the laptop from dust as much as possible, dust gets accumulated on a laptop’s chip and IC, so that it does not stay cold and gets damaged by heating, and keyboard too due to dust on the keyboard Or its buttons get jammed, your DVD Rom may also be able to access the dust disservice, causing the lens on its lens, or the DVD ROM may be jammed.

If you use a laptop on a bed or mattress, then it can be very harmful. This may cause the laptop to be heated because doing so causes its ventilation points to turn off.


People often use coolers in the summer and keep the computer in the same room, doing so may spoil your computer soon, in the cooler room, there are more moisture or moisture in the cooler room, which can be used for small water In the muscles of the computer, it gets accumulated in the inner parts of the computer, it can spoil your motherboard etc. if it comes to electricity.

The most hazard is your LCDD, black spots are created due to moisture on LCDD, which can gradually spoil your LDCs completely.

Protect the computer as much as possible from the dust, accumulate on the dust chip and the ic, so that it does not stay cold, and gets hot after getting hot.

The keyboard gets damaged quickly by dusting on the keyboard, or its buttons get jammed. Your DVD Rom can also be able to access the dust disservice, it may worsen the lens due to dust on its lens or DVD Rom jam It is possible.

After closing the computer, cover the cotton cloth if possible, thereby making the air circulation.


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