Google Form Is a Very Useful Tool

Google Form

it is the only part of Google Drive, it is available with Google Doc. He Assistance. You can easily link online data to older users, as well as the data You can also export from Google Form to Microsoft Excel, so let’s know what Google Form is and how to create? What are the advantages?

What is Google Form?

He is an online tool that allows you to build a farm and share it with ease at any social media, blog or website and collect data. It is very easy to create and edit it, and it is absolutely free. you must have a Gmail ID and Google Form is connected to your Google Drive. Let’s know about the Google Form. There are advantages

Google Form you can create the following types of online forms:

  1. Survey Form
  2. Quiz Form
  3. Review form
  4. Party invocation form
  5. Contact Form
  6. Biodata Farm
  7. Online Job Form
  8. File Upload Form

you must go to Form, here you will see many Google Forms Templates, select the type of form you want to create if you do not want to create templates. When you click on Blank Form, you will get an option to create 11 types of questions in Google Forms which is as follows

1) Short answer
2) Paragraph
3) Multiple Choice
4) Checkbox
5) Dropdown
6) File Upload
7) Linear scale
8) Multiple Choice Grid
9) Tick box grid
10)Date (date)
11)Time Time


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