Facebook Hacking Safety Tips


Facebook Haking Security :

Although Facebook works with great care on all the things related to security for its users, the days to come, there are many Facebook accounts that are hacking due to user’s negligence, It is that we are more careless ourselves for our security, otherwise, the probability of Facebook hacking Safety is zero. Therefore, there are few things to keep in mind that we can save our Facebook from being hacked.

Do not keep passwords simple:

Passwords for any Facebook or other account need to be carefully selected, such passwords which are used by your name, date of birth, child’s name, papa mummy’s name or the most special of any of your girlfriends It is very easy to crack passwords kept in the name for those people who know you and the accounts being hacked are the ones who hack them because of their jealousy or when they know Ahte that you spend the most time with, what girl

How to keep passwords:

Your password should be at least eight characters so that your password is not hacked from any random passwords generator.
When choosing passwords, it should be a combination of lowercase and uppercase letter.
To make passwords more secure, use numbers 1,2,3 as well.
Also use @ # $ ^ & * in passwords.

Remember to log out :

If you use your Facebook account in a public pc or college computer, log out it before leaving the computer and delete the browser’s history if possible, or if you use chrome, it will start incognito mode. After doing this, you will not miss any of your information in the local storage of that computer. Click here to know what the incognito mode is.

Use Facebook’s new security-related feature :

Facebook periodically launches some feature to protect its users, keep information about them from time to time, as if you can activate this feature in your account. If a person accesses an unauthorized account, then Facebook’s automated security system informs you about the activity of your account via email, so if you use a smartphone then it is necessary that The option Enable the email sync on your phone because the case will get you your delay came without email and can keep changing your password Time |

Be sure to check the https :

Whenever you log in to your Facebook account, check that in the address bar, check that facebook.com writes before a green lock is visible to you, in case you do not. You log out immediately or update your browser as this is not a safe way to log in.

Do not log in to incoming email :

Facebook emails activities related to your account if it is enabled for your email, whenever you make a tag or you are promoted in a comment, you will get the information related to it. Facebook sends via email and many times you log in directly from the link provided in the email.

But keep in mind that hackers can use it to hack your account because they can be prompted in the same way, and by doing so you are on the fake page created by the hacker Your passwords are stolen, while always logging When you check the correct address of https and Facebook in the address bar, you can avoid this problem. Hacking via fake login page is known as phishing.


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