Drag Such Beautiful Pictures From Your Smartphone

pictures from your smartphones

pictures from your smartphones

Before purchasing any pictures from your smartphones, you must check to see how this camera is. Often people like to take smartphones equipped with more megapixel cameras. In the hope that the photos will be good. But it is not necessary to have just a megapixel camera to take good pictures. There are many other things, which have to be taken care of.

Learn more, how can you draw 9 things to keep beautiful pictures from smartphones …

1. Clean the lens first

It is important to clean the lens before taking any picture. Dust is often stuck in the lens, often in a pocket or on the other side. Even if you do not see small particles on the lens at first sight, but they can blur it by spoiling the quality of the photo. So clean the lens with a clean napkin or shirt and clean it.

2. Take a photo in landscape mode

If you do not want to take a long shot then always take a photo in photo landscape mode (holding the phone slanting). Such painted pictures look more beautiful.

3. Do not use digital zoom

Smartphones have digital zoom in cameras, allowing you to zoom in on the subject. But by doing so the quality of the photo gets spoiled. In fact, optical zooming zooms in normal photo and crops. It is, therefore, better to take a normal photo and then crop it while you are editing.

4. Use HDR mode

HDR is a great way to take pictures of stable things. High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode sees that the lights and shadows in the photo are identical. If you want to take photos of more light or shiny photos then take this mode. HDR mode actually takes 2 or more photos on different exposures and creates a picture by mixing the best parts. For this you have to keep the camera steady, otherwise, the picture will blur.

5. Rule of Thorns

This is the simplest rule of Fotografia. According to this, our eyes are attracted to those pictures, which are slightly apart from the subject center. You might have noticed that some smartphones have 2 vertical and 2 skew lines on the camera screen. These are so that you can take a good picture. Therefore, keep the subject always slightly apart from the center. As in this picture the subject is on the left side.

6. Avoid using Flash

Flash is used only in professional fatigraphy when the light is very low. Therefore, you should also use flash only in the emergency while taking photographs from your smartphone. Photos taken in Natural Light are much better.

Actually, the flash is very close to the lens, and sometimes due to its lens glows on. If the light is looking less then go into settings and increase the exposure or the ISO. Increase the ISO to an extent or else the picture will get damaged.

One task tip is that if the source of light is a subject then you can use the flash. Suppose if you have to take a picture of your friend and the sun is right behind it then you can use the flash. The more likely the picture will be good.

7. Use filter after taking photo

Professional fotografers often make the filter better by putting filters in the photo. You can also do this on your smartphone. In most of the smartphones, there is a choice to put filters in the photo, so you can change its sheds etc. If there are no more features on the phone, then you can do so easily by downloading any photo editor app from Pixar or PicsArt from Google Play Store.

8. Augmented Color Reality

Download the Colorify Augmented Reality app from Google Play Store. With this help, you can replace any color in the picture with another color. Just like this picture. Tried to try This feature is also in many other popular photo editing apps.

9. Check your best and worst photos

Some of the pictures we take, some of them very well, some very bad. Now one thing you have to do is take a picture taken on a bad, a good and an auto setting. Now check their details. See how much of the picture is ISO, exposure time and aperture. In this way, you will know in what kind of settings your phone takes good pictures and poorly damaged. With this in mind, you will be able to take better photos in the future.


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