Do You Know That You Can Do 11 Things On Facebook?


If you use the internet then it is almost certain that you also use Facebook. But do you have to use Facebook completely? There are so many features on Facebook that many people do not know about. Presenting some tricks, knowing who you will be the master of Facebook.

Look ahead, how many of the 11 things you know about …

1. Another hidden message box

Facebook shows you the same message that is important to you. The rest of the message is hidden. Most of us know about two message boxes. One is the general inbox, the second Another inbox, which has now been named Message Requests. This message box contains messages from people who are not on your friend list. It is a good feature that you do not know the message of people who are not necessarily. But you must be surprised that Facebook also hides a lot of messages.

Visit the Facebook website and go to Message Requests. Here you will see Filtered Requests written. Click on it. Here you will see the messages that Facebook has filtered. Keep checking this hidden message box from time to time.

2. The album can be downloaded

Before downloading photo album from Facebook was difficult, but now it has become very easy. Go to any album and click the drop-down menu in the corner. From here, you will find the option to save the album to your hard drive.

3. Block Spam Game Requests

A lot of people keep sending requests to the game, causing trouble. There are two options to get rid of this:

1. Block app that does not require notifications by going into app settings.

2. Block all app requests coming from the person who is bothering you.

You can also do settings that do not get notifications for app invoices.

4. Receive notifications when you log in

You can further secure your account with this feature. To do this, go to settings, click on Security and turn on the notification feature when you log in. Get login alerts whenever you select any logs in your account, you will get login alert on browser, phone or registered email address

5. Album can be shared

The album can also be shared on Facebook. People do not know that this is an option too. Keep in mind that this album will also be seen by your friend’s friends tagged in photos besides friends.

6. Advanced Chat Settings

Do not you want to chat with some people on Facebook? You can make such settings that you will never see such people online.

You will see Messenger on Right Hand Side Bottom on Facebook. With options here, you can choose which friends can chat with you, who can see you online.

7. Who can see your Likes

We often keep adding new pages and so on. If you want people not to see which pages you have been hiking, fill in your Facebook URL in place of your name in the link below.{YourName}/likes

On this page, click the pencil-like icon and choose what page to display or not.

8. Convert Facebook profile to page

Many times it happens that if you start a business, then make a profile instead of its page. Facebook is deleting such profiles. So it is better that you translate your such Facebook profile into a page. This will change your friends into the pan of that page. For this, you have to start the Facebook profile to page migration process.

9. Facebook Live Video

Through Facebook live video, Facebook has collided with a snap, periscope. Now almost every user can use it. Many users, groups, and pages are able to use this feature recently launched. You can use this feature to tell your friends and relatives what you are doing.

10. Call Cabs from Uber via Messenger

There are many hidden trips on Facebook Messenger. Soon it can become a primary connection for most of your apps. You can now call up the upper cab from it. Just for this, you have to do initial settings and link it to Uber account. To call a cab, you have to click on the con of the car or tell the over bot to tell about the car’s need. The bot will tell you about the time of travel and travel and will also inform you of the arrival of the cab.

11. Add Legacy Contact

If a user dies, then by using Facebook Death Certificate, you memorize that page or profile that means saving it as a memorable one. You can decide from now on who will have the right to inform you about your death when something happens to you. For this, go to the security settings and make your favorite person a legacy contact. If you do not want your account to be dematerialized after your demise, then Facebook will delete it.


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