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Suppose you have a text from 10-12 pages written on paper and you need a Convert hard copy to soft of it. In such a situation, will you sit again to type 10-12 pages? No, you can do this work on your Google Drive. How are you saying Baladu Sharma Dadhich:

I am aware that when they buy a good brand scanners or MFD (multi-functional devices), they also get a software called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Generally, we save the scanned documents in the image or PDF format to the computer, but with the help of OCR software, they can also be stored in text format.These documents can be used in the same way after a few modifications like you have typed them in the computer itself. Regularly editing, cut, add, paste anywhere. They can be easily used as a text file.

Well, the service is also available online. The good thing is that online service is available not only in English but also in Hindi and all other languages. Thanks to this, Google and other online book services convert millions of books into digital form. If this is happening then why do not you take advantage of this facility?

OCR via Google Drive:

Although with scanners and MFD you usually get a separate OCR software, which can be used while scanning the document, the number of such computer users is very small, with scanners or MFDs. Anyway, OCR software is not available with some cheap scanners and MFDs.

Such users can use Google’s OCR service available through the Internet, which is free and easy to use as its other services. this service was used to be part of Google Docs but now both Docs and Drive have been included in the same platform.

To use Google’s Web OCR, you must have an account with Google. The second need is of a document that has been scanned. Remember, this feature of Google Drive changes the file of Hindi, but the material gets messy. All words are reversed, which have to be corrected.

To use Google OCR, follow this process:

1. Login to

2. Now all the files that you have ever uploaded to Google Drive will be displayed on the page that opens. If there is no file in it then it means – you have not uploaded any files yet.

3. First of all, click on the Settings icon on the right side of the Google Drive web page and click Upload Settings in the options that appear there.

4. Now another menu will open, by clicking Convert Text from uploaded PDF and Image files and selecting it.

5. Now go to upload button in Google’s main logo (in the top left).

6. Clicking on it will upload a small menu to upload files, in which click on Files.

7. Now the file uploader dialog box will open, through which you upload the PDF or image file present in your computer, which has been scanned or received from another source.

8. A box showing the file upload process will open, in which the uploading process will appear. When the process is complete, the message of Upload Complete will appear.

9. After uploading the file, your files will appear in the list.

10. Since you initially instructed Google Drive to convert this document into text format, this document is now ready for download in your changed format.

11. Now we will download this file not in PDF but in Text Format. For this, select the file and click on the More menu above. Here the download option will appear below. Click it.

12. Before downloading the file, the Convert and Download dialog box will appear, in which case you will be given the option of downloading the document. You can see here that there are HTML, Plain Text, Microsoft Word Document and more options here. Choose from the Microsoft Word or Plain Text option and download the document.

13. Now open your document in a related text editor, Microsoft Word or Notepad etc.the PDF  image document has been transformed into a mater typed.

Remember, this Google Drive feature is currently not available in Hindi and other Indian languages. This is what we will do in Hindi later this time.


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