Computer Networking Sharing

computer networking sharing

Computer Networking Sharing:

If you have more than one computer gadgets, sometimes it gets hard when you need to transfer a computer from another computer to another and we can make it very easy with a little bit of information. If you need to scratch the tech a bit, it gets too easy for me to exchange files between two or more devices.

Any two computer devices One, if you use internet or broadband connection then you will have a DSL modem, through which we can simplify file sharing or if you can also buy a cross-over Ethernet cable.

How to do file modes via modem

Normally, there are multiple ports to add more than one computer inside the DSL modem so if you add two devices from the same modem, then this means you are on the same network because this method All your devices are connected to the same network, Whether it is Internet connectivity or not

If you use the Windows operating system, you can enable file sharing and printer sharing by going to the settings menu. After this, open the properties of the folder or file that you want to share.

Cross-over Ethernet cable

If you can not connect the cable directly from one PC to the other pc, then if you do not have a modem then you can Flipkart or any other website order it online.

Apart from this, if your modem is wifi, then you can access your computer without the hassle of an explorer. For more information, you can click here to read the entire post. If this information is useful to you, then tell us through our comments.


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