6 Free Music Players For Windows Laptops or Desktops

music players for windows

6 Free Music Players for Windows Laptops or Desktops

The default players coming with different versions of Windows do not fit all your needs about music. We are telling you about some apps that increase music players for windows listening to music on PC Look forward …


foobar2000 is a powerful free music app, which can be simple or advanced according to your preference and its credit goes to its modular design. This free music app is made as simple as an ambush in memory and memory. You can do it as you like and add features to your mind. There are CD burning, decoding of play station sound files, visualizations, playlist organizers and other useful things.


The Spotify’s desktop app makes easy access to all the features of all services, including community options.


It is surprisingly easy to use Dopamine. There is a simple wizard in it, which gives you the convenience of importing your songs and running them. This free music app is designed to make music as easy as possible to listen to music. There is no harm in Windows 10 It supports WAV, MP3, Ogg, Vorbis, FLAC, WMA, and M4AAAC.


If your Media Library is a little messy then MediaMonkey will help you to bring it in one order. MediaMonkey cannot prevent unwanted U2 from starting, but this free music app can automatically tag your music. In addition, it is capable to sync devices including Android and iPods, play in DLNA streaming, DJ mode. It automatically sets the volumes, so the track does not differ. In it, you can record the CD and download it to the internet.

VLC media player:

This is a great free music player for windows app. A vlc media player can play only one file or music stream. VLC supports a lot of file formats.


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